Who are We?

We are a team of Doctors, Psychologists, Special Educators, Parents, Trained Parent Teachers, Social Workers, Entrepreneurs, and many other people from diverse fields who have come together with an ultimate goal of giving a special place to these children in the society. Society awareness is one of the most important factor while dealing with special children.

Training at Progress Trust

A. Early Intervention – 0 to 6 years
0 to 6 age group is the fastest growth and developmental period in human life. So whatever loss has happened needs to be recovered in this period. Mainly visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and taste senses which is sensory development period. This is sensory stimulation and intervention program.
Professionals involved in this program are:-
i. Neuro Pediatricians
ii. Psychologists
iii. Physiotherapists
iv. Occupational Therapists
v. Speech Therapist and Audiologist
vi. Special Educator
vii. Social Worker
viii. Physician, Dentist and other doctors as per need and
ix. Parents as Co-teachers

B. Special Education – 6 to 14 years
When all senses get ready to take inputs, children need the training to become self dependant in following areas:-
a. Self Help Needs – as toilet training, brushing, bathing, etc.
b. Motor Development – Gross motor and fine motor skills.
c. Speech and Communication – Receptive and Expressive
d. Social Skills – Family, immediate society as relatives and
neighbors and further society interaction for survival and
accepting behavior skills.
e. Academics – Pre-reading, pre-writing(eye and hand co-ordination), pre-arithmetic, reading, writing and maths. Time sense, money transactions, functional academics. (survival skills)

C. Prevocational Training – 14 to 18 years
Prevocational Training involves the following:-
i. Personal Hygiene
ii. Independent Survival
iii. Personal presentation skills in communication
iv. Acceptable social behavior
v. Learning readiness of new skills
vi. Work Readiness
vii. Money Transactions
viii. Helping in household chores

D. Vocational Training 18 to 25 years
Each individual has a right to work and earn likewise a normal person. When child is ready now to learn new work and work for earning, he/she needs to learn vocational training task which gives him/her skills for earning. (It depends on the quality vocational training an individual training one has gone through) Which is called as Vocational Training.
Each brain affected child also needs to learn to earn so the training needs to be given to
i. Develop work behavior towards earning money.
ii. Learn to use the time in productive manner or keep engaged to utilize the time (each person may not be able to earn to the expectations).